WiFi Password Key Generator 1

Simple and free software to generate secure WEP/WPA/WPA2 passwords for your wireless network

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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WiFi Password Key Generator 1
WiFi Password Key Generator 2014

Create strong Wi-Fi passwords that attackers won’t guess with Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free.

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free is a freeware program. It requires Windows XP and will work on just about any version up to Windows 10. The purpose of this small, lightweight app is to generate strong passwords that result in secure wireless networks. Having your wireless network compromised either to steal bandwidth or for more nefarious purposes is a very real concern that many computer users deal with, and this program aims to take the hassle out of strong password creation.

Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free works with both the WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security standards. Simply check the radial button appropriate to your system, and then, use the dropdown box to choose a wireless key strength. Options range from 64-bit up to 504-bit. If you’re not sure why you should have a preference, then you can simply leave the dropdown alone and use what Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free sets as default.

Finally, click the large button labeled Generate Wi-Fi Key. The program is fast, so you won’t even notice it working, and it will automatically copy your generated WEP/WPA/WPA2 key to the clipboard. Now, you can simply paste it into the interface for your router or wherever else you need it. Note that Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free will not keep a copy of this key for you, so you need to take those steps.

Wi-Fi Password Key Generator Free is really straightforward and simple to use. You can use it with great confidence knowing that the key you generate won’t be easily exploited. Keys are made up of upper-case characters, lower-case characters, digits and symbols. Changing your key is as simple as running the program again and clicking a button. The program does lack options, so if you’re in an environment that has special rule—such as no symbols—you may need an app that provides a bit more control.


  • Creates strong passwords
  • Simple to use


  • Few options

Maintaining security is essential any time you are online; whether you are shopping for new clothing or browsing various news communities and message boards. Ensuring that you are secure when using your own home Internet connection is possible by establishing a password that is hard to crack by even the most skilled hackers and online identity thieves. Using a program such as WiFi Password Key Generator Free is one way to create a password that is nearly impossible to crack on any Windows operating system.

Using WiFi Password Key Generator Free

Using WiFi Password Key Generator Free is a way to generate network passwords to help with keeping your home Internet connection safe and secure at all times. Any time you are browsing online at home, it is important to have a secure WiFi key and password to access your connection from other computers and potential locations. Implementing a WiFi password is possible by contacting your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, in addition to accessing your network directly from your Internet browser itself. Using a tool such as WiFi Password Key Generator Free can ensure you do not use a password that is commonly known or easy to guess. Using a tool such as WiFi Password Key Generator Free is a way for you to generate passwords to use in your own home network within seconds, keeping unwanted users, neighbors and potential hackers from accessing your connection.

Pros of WiFi Password Key Generator Free

  • Free to use and quick to download with a small file size
  • Works on Windows versions XP to Windows 8, making it ideal for any Windows computer user when looking to generate new WiFi passwords and security points
  • Allows users to create WEP, WPA and WPA2 passwords with the use of the interface's password generation tool
  • The software is still updated regularly and maintained for security purposes, making it an ideal selection for secure WEP and WPA password generation
  • Allows users to generate keys based on preferred length and security strength prior to generating the key itself

Cons of WiFi Password Key Generator Free

  • Not available for Mac and Apple devices and is only restricted to Windows operating systems above Windows XP
  • Does not offer any additional features or security options for protection other than generating using WEP, WPA and WPA2 keys for WiFi networks that are optimal
  • Does not automatically insert generated key into the network's system setup, requiring you to manually change your network key using your computer's default Internet browser

Understanding the pros and cons of WiFi Password Key Generator Free and how the software itself works allows you to determine of the software is right for you. Using WiFi Password Key Generator Free is a way to create passwords that are nearly impossible to crack to ensure neighbors and unwanted users can use your Internet connection and bandwidth you are paying for yourself.

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